Thursday, July 25, 2013

Polish Love Nail Polish

Hey Polish Lovers!

I am going be posting the polish I make.. Bare with me as I try to start blogging more. I am very new at this and am still learning. 

This first polish is a blue crellie with neon pink, neon green, and neon blue hex glitter. 
This polish is currently un-named. If anyone has a good name for it, leave me a comment!

This polish is a light mint color with black bars. 
It is called "Mint Chocolate Chip"

 This polish is a mix of lots of neon glitter. It has neon squares, stars, shreds, and very fine hex glitter. The colors in this polish are all neon; yellow, pink, green, orange, and blue. 
It is called "Sprinkle Spring"

The next polish is a mix of very fine silver holographic hexagons, black bars, and blue stars. 
It is called "Stars & Bars" and is shown here over Rimmel London (60 Seconds), Mintilicious.  

The next polish is a light pink with very fine silver holographic hexagons. 
It is called "Peaches & Cream" 

 Last but definitely not least is the polish I made in memory of Talia Joy. It is a mint shade with iridescent glitter. 
It is called "Pure Joy"  

That is all the polishes I have to show for now. I have made many more, but need to do swatches for them. Once again, if anyone has a good name for the first polish, please leave me a comment. Hope you enjoyed! 

Until next time, love your polish! 

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