Friday, September 13, 2013

Dynamic Polish ~Holographic Polish~ Swatches & Review

Hey Polish Lovers!

Today I have a review and swatches of Holographic polishes from Dynamic Polish. I got these on a blogger discount.

There are 7 different polishes in the Holographic Collection from Dynamic Polish.

From Left To Right:
Strawberry Spark, Outrageous Orange, Electric Lemon, Lime-Wire, Bombshell Blue, Gorgeous Grape, and Hollow Graphix. 
All of the swatches are pictured with base & top coat. They all went on smooth without any problems with the base. 

Strawberry Spark
Strawberry Spark is a deep pink holographic polish. SS is a beautiful pink color and the coverage is really good for a holographic polish. The effect is gorgeous.
 These two photos are 4 coats.

These next two photos are Strawberry Spark over NYC "Red Velvet Rope". 

I prefer Strawberry Spark by itself. The holographic effect is more prominent without a base color and since it's so pigmented, you really don't need a base color. 

Outrageous Orange
Outrageous Orange is an orange holographic polish. It is almost as pigmented as Strawberry Spark, but not quite. The holographic effect isn't as strong in photos or in person, but I still love it. 
The next two photos show 4 coats of Outrageous Orange.

The next two photos of Outrageous Orange are pictured over LA Colors "Spat!". The 2nd photo is more true to color in person. 

I prefer Outrageous orange with a base of another orange polish underneath. It seems to bring out the holographic effect more. 

Electric Lemon
Electric Lemon is a yellow holographic polish. EL isn't as pigmented as Outrageous Orange, but has more of a holographic effect. 
The next two photos are 4 coats of Electric Lemon. 

The next two photos are Electric Lemon over Pure Ice "Showstopper". For some reason I just couldn't capture the holographic effect when EL is over Showstopper, but it looks beautiful in person. 

I prefer Electric Lemon over a yellow polish, since EL isn't very pigmented by itself. 

Lime-Wire is a green holographic polish. LW isn't as pigmented as Electric Lemon, but has a lot more of a holographic effect than Outrageous Orange. It has an amazing holographic effect in person and I was able to capture it in my photos. 
The next two photos are 4 coats Lime-Wire each. 

The next two photos are Lime-Wire over LA Colors "Meadow". I love this!! It shows the holographic effect much better with the color underneath. Absolutely amazing holographic polish! 

 Hands down, I prefer Lime-Wire with a base color. It completely intensifies the holographicness of this polish!

Bombshell Blue
Bombshell Blue is a blue holographic polish. BB is about as pigmented as Electric Lemon. It could completely be worn alone. BB wanted to show off how much of a bombshell it really is in the next two photos which are 4 coats each. 

The next two photos are Bombshell Blue over LA Colors "Aquatic". Don't pay attention to my drooling... 

Blue is my all time favorite color. I love all shades from the lightest to the darkest. Bombshell Blue doesn't disappoint with or without a base color. 

Gorgeous Grape
Gorgeous grape is a purple holographic polish. It is almost as pigmented as Strawberry Spark. Somehow I ended up with only one photo of GG without a base color. That's really all you need anyway- this polish has an amazing holographic effect and the color is gorgeous ;) 

The next two photos are Gorgeous Grape over LA Colors "Tropical Breeze". GG with a base color, just POPS.. No other way to put it. The holographic effect is just completely intensified! 

I love Gorgeous Grape either way, but if I have to choose, I think I like it better with a purple base color. It's just so much more rich and the holographic effect is amazing. 

Hollow Graphix
Hollow Graphix is a silver holographic polish. Even though I love several of the other holographic polishes- I think this one is my favorite. It is just breath taking. 
The next two photos are three coats without a base color.

Last, but not least, the next two photos are Hollow Graphix over LA Colors "Whipped". Whipped is a nude color, so the silver color of HG isn't as intense, but the holographic effect is still all there. 

I love Hollow Graphix both ways. The holographic effect with and without a base color is just stunning. 

Dynamic Polish will have these in her Etsy shop soon. 

I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I liked doing it! 
Thanks so much to Dynamic Polish!

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