Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dynamic Polish Swatches & Review

Hey Polish Lovers!

Last week I was sent several polishes to review from Dynamic Polish.
Dynamic Polish opened their shop on Etsy in November of 2012. They are a girlfriend/boyfriend team that stay up late to mix polish. They have 34 items in their shop and offer to custom mix if there is something specific you are looking for. Dynamic Polish sell mainly glitter polish, which I love! 

This is the polish I was sent to review.
 From Left to Right:
Fruity Pebbles, Over the Rainbow, Strawberry Kiwi, and Island Mist.

Fruity Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles has a white crelly base packed with "Fruity Pebble" colored glitter. As soon as my Hubby saw it, he told me it reminded him of a cereal...I asked if it was Fruity Pebbles and he told me that was the one! 
I love this polish. I love crellies more and more each time I see one. This is packed with glitter and goes on smooth!
This photo is one coat over white except for my ring finger. My ring finger is two coats over white. I didn't need the white under, but I didn't want to waste the polish- Yes, I love it that much!

Over The Rainbow
Over the rainbow has a clear base and is packed with rainbow colored glitter. 
Again, I love this! You can wear it over any color and it would look fantastic! Don't worry about what you'll be wearing: it will match! 
This is one coat over LA Colors "Whipped". Again, my ring finger has two coats. 

Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Kiwi has a clear base with pink square glitter. It also has black, green, and iridescent hexagon glitters. I love anything Strawberry Kiwi, including this polish! So cute!
I have one coat over LA Colors "Meadow".. Can you guess what's on my ring finger? Yep, two coats :) 

Island Mist
Island mist has very light blue glitter of several different shapes and sizes. It is in a clear base.
This is an unusual glitter polish, which I like- a lot! I love how it looks over any color!
Here, I have two coats on my ring finger- one coat on the rest. It is over LA Colors "Cactus".

Love all 4 of these! The application was so easy! No digging for glitter... not in any one of these polishes! Which surprised me! They all went on in a great pattern and weren't bumpy. 

I have one more Dynamic Polish review coming. It is a set of Rainbow Holographic polish!! Keep your eyes peeled for it!!

Until next time,
Love your polish. 

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