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Smelly Goods & Pretties Review

Hey Polish Lovers!

Today I have a review on several different things from Smelly Goods & Pretties. I ordered 5 soaps and 3 polishes with a blogger discount. They also threw in a couple of extras.

Smelly Goods & Pretties is a shop on Etsy, started by Kristen in September of 2012. She makes all kinds of hand-crafted, all natural soaps, lip balm, lotion, and more. She also has a line of nail polish called "Vapid Lacquer". 

First up: Vapid Lacquer

From Left to right:
Blarney, Rhapsody, and Winning. 

All swatches have a base & top coat. Each photo has two coats of Vapid Lacquer. 

Blarney is a gorgeous deep green color. It is great for any season, but am especially excited to have it now during the Fall & upcoming Winter seasons.


Rhapsody is a deep purple with lots of micro glitter. Another great polish for this time of year. 

Last, but not least, Winning. I completely understand why this polish is named "Winning". It is the perfect blue color with so much shine, it's amazing. Blue is my favorite color, and this has to be my favorite Vapid Lacquer that I ordered. 

All three Vapid Lacquer polishes went on extremely smooth with great coverage. I could have gotten away with one coat each, but personally, I had to have two- for that extra "pop!". 

Next up is the soap I ordered and extras.
The soaps I decided to go with are: Sugar Sugar, Your Face, Cherry Almond, Oats, Milk & Honey, and The Loofah Bar. The extra goodies she sent was a sample of Muddy Face Mask and Berry Cherry Fluff Lip Balm. 

Sugar Sugar is a Goat Milk soap that is very sweet smelling & girly. I love the look and feel of this soap. It is a very light exfoliating soap. 
On SGP Etsy site, this is how it is described: Fresh, warm and sweet, this scent combines top notes of strawberry and bergamot with a warm dry down of musk and vanilla. 

Your Face is a face soap that has Goat Milk & Charcoal. I have normal skin, with no conditions, such as acne. I do get the occasional dry or oily spots, but my main problem is black heads. Apparently my skin is just a little too sensitive for this soap. I used it once a day for three days in a row, and my face felt very sensitive. I may have an allergy to the active charcoal that's in it. Since I haven't ever used a soap with charcoal before, I am not sure what it was. My husband has oily skin and is not at all sensitive to products, and he loves it. He couldn't believe how clean his face felt after using it and is very pleased. 
Update: SGP is checking into why I am having a sensitivity to this soap.
 On SGP site, it is described as, "This clean rinsing bar is especially made for those with skin issues. Acne, over sensitivity, dry-oily skin, eczema, or those that just truly care for their skin."

Cherry Almond is an amazingly sweet scent!! It is by far my favorite of the ones I ordered. I can't get enough! It makes me want to lick my skin... although.. I do not advise that ;) 
SGP describes it as, " Abundant ripe cherries and warm almonds are just such a treat. Smells so nice you won't want to leave the shower. This is a bar that scents the bathroom long after you've used it." 

Oats, Milk, & Honey is my 2nd favorite! I love the scent and it is long-lasting.
 It is an exfoliating soap, with the oats, but isn't too exfoliating to use every day. I love using it on my 3 year old and then snuggling up with him... He also
 loves how much the soap "tickles" his belly :) I wish I would have seen the lotion to go with this before placing my order.  
SGP describes it on Etsy as, "With real local Texas honey, oats and goat milk, this is just a luxurious bar. Lightly exfoliating, and highly moisturizing bar. The warm and sweet scent will relax and sooth while the oats and honey in the bar smooth soften and correct."

 Last for the soap is The Loofah Bar. It is extremely exfoliating and that is what drew me to it. I love the clean scent of this bar. It's very refreshing that your husband/boyfriend will also be able to use. 
SGP describes it as, " This is our Loofah Bar, a smooth very green and fresh citrus scent cooled down with cucumber. All natural Organic shredded Loofah is in the bar, for an exfoliating event! Just a luxury in itself. With Goat Milk to smooth, even tone and hydrate."

Lastly, the extras!

Muddy Face Mask 
I am not one to use face masks. The closest I get is Apricot Scrub- that's the main reason I wanted to try the Muddy Face Mask. There wasn't any directions on the trial size. I would say it's just because it is a trial size. So I got online to see if I could find directions on SGP Etsy site, and I couldn't. I don't know if I used it correctly or not. I got my face damp and applied the mask. I allowed it to stay on for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off. After washing my face twice, I got it off. It's a "mask", so I figured I would have to wash my face more than once to remove it. My face felt so fresh and clean. My skin looked vibrant. I was very pleased!

Berry Cherry Fluff Lip Balm
I am in love with this lip balm!!! It is not in any way, shape, or form... ok, maybe form.... but no other way like "chap-stick". It is so rich and creamy... silky and smooth. It made my lips so soft and hydrated! I am extremely pleased with it!

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Vapid Lacquer and Smelly Goods & Pretties. You can find everything you have seen and more, here!

Don't forget to check out their Facebook page, here!

Until next time, 
Love your polish!!

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