Friday, October 4, 2013

Classic Films Swatches, Review, & SALE!!!

Hey Polish Lovers!!

Today I have swatches, a review, and a sale from Classic Films! 
Classic Films Cosmetics was started by Anna in June of 2012. She chose the name "Classic Films" due to her love of fashion (how classics don't go out of style) and cinema. 
Currently she has 13 polishes in her shop. She just added three new polishes on September 19th, which is also the day her sale started! Stay tuned for a coupon code for 20% off your order!

Anna sent me 7 polishes to swatch & review, so let's get to it!

The first four, from left to right:
Sunset Boulevard, Lured, D.O.A., & They Live by Night

The last three, from left to right:
Impact, Lady in the Lake, & Spellbound

All swatches are done with a base and top coat. 

Sunset Boulevard is described as a rich combination of gold, copper, caramel, and bronze hex glitter... topped off with a bit of purple.
In this first swatch, there is one coat & ring finger has two coats. 
This second swatch of Sunset Boulevard is a gradient over a gold polish I made.
I love Sunset Boulevard for Fall & Winter! It's the perfect time of year for this polish!

Lured is described as having a lot of gold in it! Gold pigments, holo hexes, and holo squares. It also has turquoise and purple holographic glitter. This polish was inspired by a dress that Anna loved, but obviously couldn't wear every single day. 
There is only one swatch of this polish; that's all you need to see the beauty of it. The swatch is two coats. 
I am in love with this polish. It's perfect for any time of year and is definitely something special, like the dress that inspired it.

D.O.A. is described as being all about a foundation of gunmetal. It is made interesting with pastel green and lavender hex glitter, silver holo slices, and iridescent shreds. 
The swatch below is two coats. 

The next swatch is one coat (ring finger has two coats) over black. 
D.O.A. can be dressed up or down. You can use it over any color and has the perfect amount of glamour!

They Live by Night is described as having a pinch of red glitter combined with blue and gunmetal glitter & pigment. It is topped off with silver holo moons and stars. 
Like Lured, there is only one swatch of They Live by Night. It is two coats.
This is a great polish that you can choose to or not to use the moons and stars. I love the effect of it! Another great polish for Fall & Winter!

Impact is described as being grounded in a very light, silvery pink base...loaded with black dots, diamonds and bars. It is topped off with hot pink hexes and cotton candy shreds. 
The first swatch is one coat, two coats on ring finger. 

 The second swatch is one coat (two on ring finger) over white. 
I love all the elements in this polish! It's very unique and definitely has Impact!

Lady in the Lake is described as having a light silvery-blue base with just a hint of rose-pink glitter and gold flakes.
This first swatch is two coats.

The second swatch is one coat over Broadway "O! Jessica"
Another amazing polish that you can use alone or over another polish. Try it over red to have more of a purple can play around with color combos and I bet every single one will look amazing!

Spellbound is described as having a pink pigment base with lavender, sunshine, and white glitter. It is topped off with lavender daisies and hot orange hearts. 
First swatch is one coat (two on ring finger). 

Second, and last swatch, is one coat over black. 
Again, a polish that can be used alone or layered over any color to get a different look every time. It's a very girly polish and you can choose to use the daisies and hearts, or leave them in the bottle. 

I loved swatching Classic Films' polishes! She does a great job at making polish that is very versatile and can be used in many different ways! 

I feel like I am forgetting something... But don't think so... 

Just kidding!!!! 

Use Coupon Code: SKULLSALE2013 
for 20% off your order (excludes shipping)!! 
Sale ends November 2nd, so make sure you get your orders in! 

If you would like to purchase any of these polishes (and more), visit Classic Films on Etsy!

Don't forget to give Classic Films a "like" on Facebook! Help her make it to and surpass 100 likes!

Until next time,
Love your polish!!!

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